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Small Brick Jig

STIHL Brick Jigs are portable, on-the-ground frames which improve the speed, accuracy and safety of cutting bricks and paving blocks with a cut-off saw. By placing multiple bricks on the robust, metal frame, a variety of square or angled cuts can be completed quickly and consistently. The bricks or blocks are secured using adjustable end-stops and a top plate, and can be accurately cut to the nearest mm using the cutting guide, ensuring that simple, repeatable cutting is achieved. Available in two sizes, the Small Brick Jig holds up to 3 bricks and is ideal for professional builders with low volume jobs or on scaffolding (where conditions allow).

Version Price
Small Brick Jig
£262.80 (incl. VAT)

Dimensions cm 53 x 50 x 17
Weight kg 9,5
Suitable for Up to 3 bricks


  • Adjustable end guides
    Adjustable end guides to position bricks straight or at an angle.
  • Cutting guide
    Cutting guide for clean, accurate and safe cuts. The cutting guide is easily removable and adjustable, allowing for a variety of cuts and easy cleaning.
  • Cutting guide 5mm increments
    5mm increments on cutting guide for precise measurement of brick cuts.
  • Stainless steel base
    Durable stainless steel base with rubber mat to hold bricks safely in place while cutting.
  • Top assembly
    Top assembly secures the position of the bricks for cutting. It can also be removed and put in a transit position for easy transportation.
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